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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 1, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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getting tighter. in one week voters head to the polls. the last news of power rankings show battle for control of the senate could come down to a handful of races. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. good morning. >> bill: good morning. how are you feeling? >> bill: >> dana: good, how are you? >> bill: are we doing our exercises? >> dana: i did yoga. i don't know if it helps. we'll see. >> bill: mid-term races entering the final stress, a lot at stake. republicans aiming to win back majorities in the house and senate. power rankings out "today" show the senate balance of power is a toss-up. the outcome hanging on four highly competitive races. >> dana: pennsylvania, nevada, arizona, georgia were tight margins in all of them. the senate could go either way. karl rove breaking down what voters are concerned most about. >> at the end of a campaign gravitational forces take over. only a quarter of the american people think we're going in the
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wry directions. the major issues inflation, economy, crime and in some places the border. all four of those the end to work for the republicans. those things are coming into play has we get to the end. as a result not going to be a pleasant night for the democrats. >> bill: we're on the ground in the key states. we are throughout the united states. starting us off this hour senior national correspondent rich edson live in langhorn, pennsylvania. rich, good morning. >> good morning, bill. dr. oz has an event at a firehouse tonight here in bucks county. a swing county. look at the last two u.s. senate races, they go for the republican and then the democratic candidate here. both campaigns are vying. we spoke with voters here who
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say the issues that are playing nationwide really matter here, too. >> cost of living, you know, with the medical and the food and everything going up. cost of living. it's getting harder and harder to support yourself. >> people are really upset with the inflation and the border situation. and among other things. so it's -- it should be a very good time for the republicans, i would think. >> i would say the women's right for their own health is a big one. >> bucks county the oz campaign is gaining report from republicans and democrats and independence tired of the damaging biden/fetterman agenda with skyrocketing crime and people struggling to make ends meet. gas prices have become unaffordable.
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fetterman campaign aide says he has campaigned in bucks county before and in swing counties and areas in eastern pennsylvania they have launched republicans for fetterman getting republicans to back the democrat in this race. bill and dana, back to you. >> bill: rich edson leading us off. >> dana: let's go to georgia. democrats concerned over holding the senate seat with warnock in a neck-and-neck race with walker. what impact could an underperformance by stacey abrams have on warnock? congressional correspondent aishah hosni is live in georgia. sometimes we talk about a governors race pulling someone across but it could also work the other way. >> absolutely. it certainly something we're watching very closely, dana. good morning to you. let's set up the dynamics right now. by showing you what's going on in the governor's race. the latest polling shows stacey abrams nearly seven points behind governor brian kemp. there is always that risk that
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her underperformance could translate to fewer votes for warnock. the two are also running very different campaigns here. in fact, the national review writes we might be witnessing a candidate meltdown as abrams declared that 107 sheriffs had endorsed kemp because they want to be able to take black people off the streets and they also added that note that warnock is running on his endorsements by certain sheriffs and touting support for funding law enforcement. democrats are rebuffing the claims saying the two campaigns are inherently different because the two offices are different. now, dana, this morning democrats are surely going to make use of this troubling "good morning america" interview with herschel walker's second accuser, this woman who goes by jane doe. she showed her face and double down on her claim saying she had
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a years long affair with walker and she got pregnant and walker forced her to get an abortion. watch. >> he was very clear that he did not want me to have the child. he said that because of his wife's family and powerful people around him that i would not be safe and that the child would not be safe. and i felt threatened and i -- i thought i had no choice. >> some pretty powerful interview there. walker hit back with this saying this was a lie a week ago and it is a lie today seven days before an election the democrats trot out gloria allred and some woman i don't know. we are here ahead of a walker event. more reaction from his event, his supporters and hopefully the candidate himself. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: now to nevada and the american west.
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democrats are calling in former president obama to turn up the heat amid growing signs of a huge red wave. both toss-ups and good congressional races, too. we're in vegas today. what are the issues in nevada? >> good morning to you, bill. crime, education, fears of a recession is true every where. what stands out here in the silver state is gas prices hovering across the state around $5, even higher depending where you live. republican senate candidate laxalt has pinned this on his democratic opponent cortez mass tow and joe biden. what it takes to fill the tank will win the race. >> it is almost $6 here. every other state is $3 and change. so unaffordable. we have texts at the end of the summer. people were supposed to keep
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therm as stats at 78 degrees. it's a huge problem. >> he is kicking off his bus tour now. he was the state's former attorney general and ran for governor in 2018. the two candidates are currently in a dead heat. former president barack obama will hold a rally here in north las vegas to make the voter turnout push for democrats. senator bernie sanders did the same last week. >> nevada is one of those states that will determine which party controls the united states senate. i want to tell you that this election is not about what republicans stand for, it's not about anything else other than where we go forward. >> this rally will kick off
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later this evening as former president obama will joined by singer john legend. >> bill: alexandria hoff in nevada. >> dana: another key senate race in wisconsin where p barnes is trying to distance himself from the support of the defund police movement. the state's spike in crime is playing a major role in the race between barnes and johnson. we have the latest from milwaukee. grady trimble. >> progressive candidate mandela barnes is spending a lot of time in milwaukee trying to get out the urban vote. he will be here with senator cory booker this morning. but the state's largest city has seen a big spike in crime in the past few years particularly homicides and carjackings. barnes during that time has been linked to the defund the police movement, which he has since tried to backtrack on. in a 2020 interview he suggested reallocating money from, quote, overbloated police budgets and
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before that as a state lawmaker barnes voted to end cash bail. >> as much as he dishonestly denies it, he is the leader of the defund police movement. he is supported by the leaders of that movement. he used the code words. says it pains him to see a police budget. >> homicides in milwaukee have gone up each of the last three years. they are up 91% from 2019 to 2021 making crime a top issue in the governor's race, too. >> we're going to have strong leadership that will stand with law enforcement and get rid of the weak d.a.s. we'll do everything we can to let people know that there is a new governor, if you will, a new sheriff in town. we're going to get rule of law back in the state of wisconsin. >> both tim michels and senator ron johnson have secured endorsements from some of the largest law enforcement unions
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in the state including the milwaukee police union. dana. >> dana: grady trimble in wisconsin for us. >> bill: what are the voters saying? fox news hosts a town hall tonight with ohio u.s. senate candidates, democratic congressman tim ryan and the republican j.d. vance hosted by brett and martha live in columbus, ohio with an audience of voters there in the buckeye state. see how that goes, huh? what folks are talking about. >> dana: are they talking about bengals? >> i hope not. might be talking about the browns. they had a good night. >> dana: authorities in hot pursuit as human smugglers play a dangerous game along the border. details on the chaos next. >> bill: keeping warm will cost a bundle. how home heating prices are going through the roof. >> dana: could this be the difference maker for republican candidate lee zeldin?
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>> bill: another day, another chaotic scene at the southern border. troopers forced to give chase. >> hey, hey. >> bill: this after a group of migrants bailed out of a vehicle during a human smuggling attempt. hardly the only dangerous incident in this crisis. bill melugin is live at the border in eagle pass, texas today. bill, good morning. >> bill, good morning to you. the month of november starting off here at our southern border just like every other month down here with large groups crossing in the early morning hours. take a look at our live fox drone right now. the remnants of a group of 300 that just crossed illegally in nor normandy, texas this morning on the outskirts of eagle pass. almost all single adults. look at the drone video to get the full scope of that group. most of these people are coming from countries not subject to title 42 including cuba and
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venezuela. that means they will be processed and released into the united states, a majority of them at least. border patrol describes the large group as 100 or more migrants. in just this del rio sector alone border patrol reports they have had more than 50 of these large groups just since october 1st. the video from normandy the spot where we had 400 cross illegally sunday morning. look at this video out of el paso, texas yesterday. the clash between migrants crossing illegally into the el paso area and border patrol agents. primarily venezuelans entered the el paso area one carrying a large venezuela flag. border patrol agents pushed them back into the river armed with paint balogun and firing pepper balls at them. why? cbp says one of the migrants assaulted a border patrol agent
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with a flagpole and another threw a rock and injured the agent and why they used the crowd control measures. video is provided to us by an activist at the scene. she saw a rock thrown at a border patrol. the kinney county sheriff's department pulled over a speeding vehicle with paper plates. they take a look inside the vehicle. eight illegal immigrants smocked inside by a female u.s. citizen arrested and charged. back out here live law enforcement tells us they start to see a lot more u.s. citizens getting wrapped up in drug and human smuggling as they are sucked in the by the offer of quick, easy cash from cartels on social media. >> bill: it's unbelievable. air conditioned buses awaiting for arrival. thank you, bill. 20 past the hour now. >> dana: americans are reeling from high gas prices for a long
7:20 am
time. as the weather gets holder home heating prices are up $1 a gallon in the last week. let's bring in bill flynn. good to have you. wanted the read this to you and let me show you the prices first. heating oil prices in connecticut 5.78 a gallon. that would be for october of 2022. i have it wrong on my sheet. if you are a person that needs home heating oil, you know that, one, it could be a cold winter, you might need more. i am deeply concerned about the potentially severe impact a winter energy shortfall have on people and businesses in the region, the ceo of ever source. it was to joe biden. will it fall on ears listening or deaf? >> i think deaf ears no doubt about it because it is very clear that president biden either doesn't understand the u.s. energy industry or he just
7:21 am
doesn't care. but here is a president that came out with an anti-fossil fuel policy. he sent signals to the world not to invest in u.s. oil, gas and refineries. now refineries are shut down and have shortages going into winter and he turns around and blame the oil companies and he can't have it both ways. it is a dangerous situation. i have never seen anything this bad going into winter ever. if we get a colder than normal winter, we will run out of supplies. there will be shortages. there will be rationing and businesses may have to shut down and lay people out to keep people warm as opposed to keep them working. >> dana: we have that problem. we told you yesterday about the diesel shortage problem and increases there. that will have an impact on all the independent contractors. everything you eat and buy is done by diesel including the electric vehicles you might like. the other thing is the president is telling the big oil companies that they might face a windfall
7:22 am
profits tax because they are making money at this time. why do you think that is a bad idea? >> it angers me actually. it is one of the worst ideas ever because it has been proven time and time again not to work. it actually has the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. president biden is complaining the u.s. energy companies aren't investing enough money to raise production and giving their profits back to their shareholders. by putting a windfall profit tax you encourage people to invest in oil and gas in other parts of the world, right? the windfall profit tax restricts supplies and drives up prices. i'm almost amazed that treasury secretary janet yellen stood behind the president. she knows better. she has a great economic mind. she knows this doesn't work. so to propose something that is going to hurt the american people is just ridiculous. >> dana: i read today that she is perhaps considering leaving after the mid-terms and it might
7:23 am
be because of those types of things. do you think there is enough people in congress, if the mid-terms go forward, that would prevent a windfall profits tax from being imposed? >> yeah, i sure hope so. i think common sense will prevail t. bottom line. i think it is a pot -- political side show. the united states economy should be a beacon not using bad policy like windfall profit tax. that's something you see in a third world country. we should be setting an example of how to meet this energy crisis. if president biden wants u.s. energy industry to invest, then put his money where his mouth is. make a plan to fast track the approval of pipelines and refineries. if he really wants to do that, don't talk a big game. make executive orders or reverse executive orders that restricted those type of investments.
7:24 am
>> dana: always good to have you. this is serious stuff for consumers and businesses and for our national security. thank you. >> bill: thank you, phil. sounds a bit like politics. both the senate and governor's race in arizona said to be tight. now a third party candidate is dropping out endorsing blake masters, the republican, over democrat mark kelly. a live report from arizona on that. there is this. check it out. >> liz cheney is officially my biggest fundraiser to date. we've raised half a million dollars since she did the anti-endorsement. >> bill: liz cheney crossing party again and endorsing hobbs in arizona. kari lake will join us talking about the issues on the line a week from the vote in arizona. ♪ are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash?
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>> bill: new power ranksings out today. there are some good governors races on the map. the results from 2020. what we found just in the last two weeks really good race here in the state of new york. crime is a big issue. cost of living a big one. these are shades of blue now, okay? shades of blue. two weeks ago we had new york in a solid d category and moved it in the past weak to lean d. we'll see if zeldin can become the first republican in 20 years to win the gubernatorial race. rest of the country what you see in yellow are toss-ups here. wisconsin is one, kansas, new mexico, arizona, nevada, oregon. watch all this come election night. what i find interesting in a lot of these races here take you back to the results from two years ago and we'll start in wisconsin here. the presidentall level, boom.
7:31 am
so joe biden wins wisconsin two years ago. difference was 20,000 votes. that's not a lot, right? here in nevada joe biden won over donald trump 33,000 votes. it's not a lot, right? arizona razor tight here. difference was 10,000. three states margin is 50 to 55,000 votes among all three states to determine a winner. it really is remarkable to watch. arizona has got a big story out there. for more on that let's go to dana. >> dana: the issue of border security is looming large in the battleground state of arizona. it could be the deciding factor in the toss-up races for senate and governor. we're live in phoenix with more. hi. >> good morning, you are right. arizona is 370 miles with the mexican border. candidates have been talking about the crisis. we begin with the governors's race and kari lake. she will declare an invasion on day one. she slammed the biden
7:32 am
administration on this issue. also critical of the president is democrat katie hobbs she is supporting the strike force to combat drugs flowing across. between october last year and this past september, land border encounters between the yuma and tucson sectors alone were well over half a million. democratic senator mark kelly has brought billions to the state for new technology and more border agents, he said. >> washington failed arizona and other states on the border for decades. on my 22 months in office i'm fighting to fix this problem. >> like kelly his opponent black masters says he will complete what he calls the trump wall along the yuma sector. >> 4 1/2 million people have walked into our country and been allowed the stay in the last 21 months. it is not just the people, it's the fentanyl.
7:33 am
>> arizona voters talked to us about who they trust on this issue. also how frustrated they are. >> the solutions are obvious and nobody is stepping up to it. the feds have got to step up to it. >> i really like blake masters. i like mark victor, too. so those are the two that i like that i have to go with masters on this one. >> dana, you heard him mention mark victor the libertarian running for senate. he just dropped out this morning. it's significant for black masters. he endorsed blake masters and seen as being able to be a spoiler for the republican here. a big moment for republicans. >> dana: all right, the news there in arizona. >> bill: let's bring in kari lake republican running for governor of arizona. newcomer to the political scene. good morning. >> good morning. >> bill: have to read something you don't want to see in the
7:34 am
morning but used to the game. arizona central, the headline gop candidate for governor kari lake is clueless about the border, fentanyl and the nfl. your response on that. >> oh boy, well, there is a reason we call that rag of a publication the arizona repugnant. a leftist rag out to get me since day one. nobody reads them anymore. they are the laughingstock of journalism. the fact of the matter is i'm the only one who has a bold, aggressive plan to take on and tackle the border. we need to. just last night i got word down in yuma county on saturday night three criminals smugglers came in and one was shot and killed by border patrol. these men were armed with rifles and shaking down illegal immigrants who were crossing the border and robbing them. we have crime at a sky high level in arizona. fentanyl pouring across. and we're going to take charge of our own border.
7:35 am
i don't care what the arizona repugnant says about it. i care what the people of arizona say. they say they want a secure border, tired of crime and tired of fentanyl. >> bill: what do you do on day one about the border? they've been loading up freight containers. federal government is trying to challenge that. what do you do as governor to fix it? >> well, on day one hour one we will issue a declaration of invasion. my border plan is called defend arizona. that's what we plan to do. we're going to invoke our article one section ten rights and powers in the united states constitution. when our federal government fails us as they are required to do to protect us from invasion, we have the right as states to protect ourselves, our own citizens. and we plan to do that. and we will be ready for the lawsuits. they will come. that's okay. we'll take this right to the supreme court because it is right there in black and white in the united states constitution. >> dana: president obama will be
7:36 am
out there stumping for candidates. i don't believe he is coming to arizona but he has been in georgia and going to pennsylvania with the president, be in wisconsin and nevada as well. i know that you have in the past supported president obama. moving forward a lot of people change and flipped. do you think that obama's influence in this race will make a difference at all if katie hobbs gets his endorsement? >> i think she has his endorsement. i'm assuming he is endorsing all the democrats. i heard he is coming to arizona. i don't think it will be a big trip here. nobody is interested in katie hobbs. her ideas are terrible. you mentioned she supports the border strike force but she voted them down in funding them twice when she was a senator. she voted against the border wall. she voted against asking for the federal government to give us money to help us recoup some of the costs we're paying. so i don't think biden or anybody can throw her a lifeline. the people are rejecting her,
7:37 am
they don't like her policies. they realize she is for open borders and she is going the try to turn us into california. frankly, we're not interested in that. doesn't matter who comes and stumps for her. >> bill: the other night she was on another network, shall we say. i don't want to say the race is nasty but at times it gets person. here is katie hobbs going after you. >> how do you debate someone who refuses to accept the truth and doesn't live in facts? all she will do is shout over me and interrupt me and spew lies. >> bill: i'll get your response on that. you were in television and you do what we did for a long time, 28 years, i think, right? >> 30 years. >> bill: that's a good record. first time in politics. i want you to address what katie hobbs said and want you to tell us what you have learned about politics during this campaign. >> first of all people who know me know i don't shout people
7:38 am
down. that is an excuse because she is a coward and afraid to debate. she knows her ideas are bankrupt and her ideas are dead end and destructive. the ideas that joe biden has laid out in our country and practically destroyed our country. she is afraid to debate me because she can't communicate a simple sentence without a bunch of uhs. she doesn't have support. she knows if she stands ton stage it will be apparent the best leader for hair arizona and not her. why didn't she show up for her democrat debate? she failed to show up for that as well and gave a bunch of excuses. she knows she is weak and the only way she can win and it won't happen with dirty ads and lies. the polls are showing we're up 11 points. and nine points. she knows that the momentum is going my way and it is pretty much game over for katie hobbs.
7:39 am
>> dana: you feel confident about next tuesday. >> i feel incredibly confident and have for a long time. she can't draw a crowd of ten. we draw crowds of over 1,000 regularly. more importantly, we have the ideas, the common sense ideas that work. i know the people of arizona. i've been in their homes for 27 years. they know me. they are the ones who recruited me to run. i didn't have any desire to get into politics but the people asked me please run for office. we need someone who understands us, who understands our state, and who will do right by the people. we are going to return the government back to we the people starting in arizona and protect the people from the cartels at the border starting on day one. >> bill: closing arguments well underway. kari lake, thank you for your time. one week to go. thanks. >> thanks guys, appreciate it. have a great day. >> dana: we're learning more about the attack on paul pelosi. what prosecutors and police are saying about the suspect, his plan and background. violent crime on everyone's
7:40 am
radar in the new york race for governor. zeldin making it a cornerstone of his campaign. will it be enough to turn the tide? >> rochester, 68 murders this year. elsewhere stories where new yorkers will go. we're uniting as new yorkers the take our state back and save this state. but shingrix protects. proven over 90% effective, shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen. the most common side effects are pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingrix today.
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>> dana: the man accused of breaking into the pelosi house facing federal kidnapping charges after he told police he planned to hold nancy pelosi hostage. christina coleman is live in san francisco with more. what do we know today and what else might we learn today? >> hi, dana. the suspect is expected to go before a judge today. later this afternoon for his arraignment. authorities say he admitted to breaking into pelosi's house through a back door early friday morning with a hammer and now faces two federal charges including one count of assault of an immediate family member of a u.s. official. and yesterday san francisco's d.a. announced he will face multiple state charges including attempted murder and residentialall burglary. 42-year-old broke into the home,
7:46 am
broke pelosi up and demanded to see his wife. he managed to call 911 during the incident. according to the federal affidavit depape told authorities when police showed up pelosi ran and opened the door and grabbed to the hammer he was holding. when they arrived depape swung the hammer into pelosi's head t. affidavit states depape said he would hold nancy hostage and talk to her. if nance were to tell him the truth he could let her go and if she lied he would break her knee caps. he told police that by breaking her kneecaps she would have to be willed to congress to face the consequences of her action. authorities determined depape has been living in the garage of a residence near berkeley described by people who know him as a drug addicted homeless man who suffers from illness. again he is expected to be in
7:47 am
front of a judge later today. >> dana: we'll be watching for the updates. thank you, christina. >> i'm not a member of the good old boys club so i don't have 107 sheriffs who want to be able to take black people off the streets, who want to be able to go without accountability. i don't believe every sheriff wants that but i do know that we need a governor who believes in both defending law enforcement but also defending the people of georgia. >> bill: that's stacey abrams making waves in the governor's race. newt gingrich represented georgia. knows the state as well as anyone. she invoked race clearly in that answer. how did you hear it? >> first of all, just for a moment paul pelosi in our prayers. always nice to us. terrible what has happened in san francisco and i feel compelled following that report to just say we should all keep paul in our prayers and hope he
7:48 am
recovers fully. look, stacey abrams -- i tweeted about this. i'm working on a paper about the two wings of the democratic party. the weird wing and the insane wing. she is clearly in the insane wing. does anybody really believe that there are sheriffs who get up every morning hoping to arrest blacks and take them off the street? it is a wild hallucination. it tells you about this alternative universe that stacey abrams lives in that has no relationship to the real world. and so saying she had never been defeated. the same universe to say they should move the all-star game away from atlanta, which hurt minority-owned small businesses and may have cost $1 hundred million to small businesses in atlanta. so this is sort of typical. as the left disintegrates you see them getting wilder and
7:49 am
wilder in their comments. you have the governor of new york claiming that the red states have worse crime than the blue states, which is just plain factually false. the kind of stuff they can't tell the truth, they can't campaign on the issues and they don't have much left. >> bill: let me play a clip of this. crime is an issue for a lot of voters. it is showing up in all the polling. here is kathy hochul on sunday on cbs talking about crime. >> these are master manipulators, they have this conspiracy going all across america to try to convince people that in democratic states they're not as safe. guess what? they are also not only election deniers. the safer places are the democratic states. >> bill: that was msnbc from over the weekend. lee zeldin told dana and me yesterday -- new york city and
7:50 am
the -- he needs at least 30% in new york city to have a shot at winning. the number he dropped yesterday was 35. the baseline to see whether or not he can win statewide. the obvious indicator there for people watching at home. this is a hard state to win because it has been deep, deep blue. >> oh yeah. look. if zeldin wins, i think he will, that is an amazing sign of how big the tsunami is going to be across the whole country. new york and california and illinois are all three very tough states. two of them have close governors races, illinois where the governor has signed -- again, an insanely sought of touch with reality bill to create no bail and put criminals back on the street even though virtually every district attorney and every sheriff and every police chief has opposed it. they don't seem to be able to learn anything. new york city the question is
7:51 am
how many people have to die in the subways, how many cars have to be carjacked, how many people have to be randomly shot for it to matter? the governor has all these comments on sunday. look at the shootings and the murders in chicago this weekend alone. i think it was a 3-year-old a 14-year-old and an 11-year-old were shot this weekend in chicago. now, if you are a normal, rational person you know that the cities run by democrats are the most dangerous cities in america. that's just a fact. and we were just in minneapolis. downtown minneapolis is a disaster because again the anti-police left don't want to lock anybody off and they are shocked crime goes up. >> bill: maybe we'll see it on tuesday night maybe not just in the places you mentioned and maybe in wisconsin as well. thank you for your time.
7:52 am
newt gingrich seven days ago. >> dana: louisiana woman is using her skills as a wig maker to help kids who have lost their hair due to medical issues. we'll switch gears and have uplifting news. we'll meet her next. veteran homeowners, need cash? with the newday 100 loan, there are no upfront costs for appraisal or termite inspections. no upfront costs at all to get the cash you need. veterans get more at newday. what makes every stearns & foster so incredibly comfortable? the attention to detail, that combines time honored craftsmanship... ...and luxurious materials... ...for a mattress that feels as good as it looks. now, enjoy king sized comfort for a queen sized price on select stearns & foster mattresses.
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with low-cost options to help maximize savings. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. >> dana: our next guest getting attention for her amazing charity effort. she runs a wig shop and gives free wiggs to children suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition. the results of children's reactions are lighting up the internet. let's bring in tiffany. great to have you and end the show on a high and wonderful note. you didn't start out doing children's wigs. how did that come about? >> i didn't. i started off doing wigs on adults after i had been in the salon for a long time and after
7:58 am
i started losing hair myself and as the business grew i got details about children. none of our wigs fit them correctly. their heads are smaller. i felt bad about turning away children. what can i do to help? so since my business i've been so blessed the business has gotten so busy in such a short amount of time that i thought to myself you are busy enough to where you can get these wigs for free. why not do it? i had to limit myself because i was doing it out of my own pocket. but so many people have asked to contribute and since doing so we've been able to provide a lot more wigs for children than i had anticipated. it is doing really well. >> bill: i have to warn you, you are about to get a lot busier,
7:59 am
all right? after doing this segment people will learn about it. we saw video of the reaction you get from a young woman is so remarkable. tiffany. how do the people -- you know how you are changing their lives because you can see it on their face. >> i am. i'm so thankful to help kids. when you are young, in school, some kids can be so mean. if they look a little different when they don't have hair they feel like they lost a part of themselves. to be able to give it back to them and make them feel a little bit better about going through something so difficult, it is life changing for them and also life changing for me. something i never experienced as a child but i can see it when they are in my chair. it is very heartwarming. we cry every day in the studio.
8:00 am
>> dana: and the parents to be able to give their child the gift and confidence that might help them as they deal with whatever medical condition they have and know they are accepted fully in society due to your generosity. we put up the gofundme site. great to meet you, tiffany. thank you for brightening up our morning. >> thank you so much. >> dana: dagen mcdowell is in for harris. >> i've cried many videos from active knee. one week from today until the mid-terms. the house is slipping further away from the democrats. a possible red wave for the gop. i'm dagen mcdowell in for harris and you are in "the faulkner focus." republicans appear ton winning on inflation, crime and immigration and hurting democrats. republicans are predicted to


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